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About Jiuzhaigou « China trip 中国行

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me and my friends want to travel to Jiuzhaigou, a few months but I do not know is the ideal place to go, and what a good proposal on the line right,

PS Thank you, including transport routes


Jiuzhai Jiuzhai traffic map guide map guide to accommodation in particular Jiuzhai prompted the design of transport routes

Tips Walks

regardless of where you are the owners of the backpack, as long as you can to Chengdu (the request, however sub - bar). You can go to south gate of Chengdu, the new bus station (the city bus can be a lot of) the long-distance coaches bound for Jiuzhaigou, in fact, the people they have to earn money, they opened long-distance car quite difficult to master the . Passes through Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project (2000. The world’s cultural heritage), Qingcheng Mountain (2000. The world’s cultural heritage), Wolong Panda Nature Reserve, haizi Diexi, Songpan city, the edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau - Min Jiang at the source (highland scenery), Red Army Monument Monument Park or scenic spots, when to enter the gathering of some ethnic minorities, I believe you will like me there are some fresh, a little at a loss, there is little excitement. We must remember yes ah have to respect other people’s customs and relationships. Finally, we introduced a few lines to:

the morning of day-trip travel
ditch树正(Bonsai Beach - reed sea - sparks sea - Wolong sea - the sea树正group -树正Falls - Tiger sea — rhino Sea - Snow falls on Lang - Lang Connaught group on the sea) in the dining hall朗宾Noritsu;
tour on the afternoon of the groove (Mirror Sea - Pearl Beach Waterfall - Pearl Beach - Jinling Hai - Kongquehe Road -五花海- High Falls -熊猫海-箭竹海) evening to return to Mizoguchi


two-day trip the morning of the first day of travel树正groove (Bonsai Beach - reed sea - sparks sea — - Wolong Hai) to树正Walled lunch, afternoon group tour树正Walled树正sea -树正Falls - Tiger sea - the sea rhinoceros - Snow falls on Lang - Lang Connaught group on the sea) and in Connaught朗宾Museum Day accommodation;
tour the next morning on the groove (Mirror Sea - Pearl Beach Waterfall - Pearl Beach - Jinling Hai - Kongquehe Road -五花海- High Falls -熊猫海-箭竹海) days to return from the Connaught Hotel on Long,则查洼沟travel by car this afternoon (check the Walled wow - the next season of the sea - the sea on the season -五彩池- long haizi) evening to return to Mizoguchi


ditch the first day of travel树正(Bonsai Beach - reed sea - sparks sea - Wolong sea - the sea树正group -树正Falls - Tiger sea - the sea rhinoceros - Snow Day Long Falls - Connaught group on Long Hai)朗宾overnight accommodation Connaught Hall on the second day of travel days
groove (Mirror Sea - Pearl Beach Waterfall - Pearl Beach - Jinling Hai - Kongquehe Road -五花海– High Falls -熊猫海-箭竹海- Swan Sea - Sea Grass - Stephen sword hanging rock - forests)
overnight accommodation guest house on the third day of the tour则查洼沟(wow check the Walled - Next season, the sea - the sea on the season -五彩池- long haizi) evening to return to Mizoguchi

accommodation Jiuzhaigou This is the Web site, the information is full, you go and see.

as the “fairy-tale world” Jiuzhaigou is located in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, the scenic spot has a lotus leaf,树正, then Richard藏寨depression named after nine. Jiuzhai mountains man could see the water. a
: Traffic

1, from Chengdu, the new car, take the bus by the south gate of Dujiangyan, Wen Chuan County, Maoxian, Songpan arrived about 12 hours. As early as 8:00 every day there is bus service 94 yuan (2 yuan including insurance). Dianzi tea per day as early as 8:40 Jiuzhai are sent to the bus.

2, since Jiuzhai return to Chengdu, 6:30,7:30,8:00 early departure (time may be a result of the season, the frequency adjusted) fares 92 yuan.

II: stay

1, Jiuzhaigou outside to live in a lot of budget. Ranging from a few dozen to several hundred dollars. To Jiuzhai Jinxin, we live in the hotel (away from the Jiuzhai outlets like about 400 meters), Room 90. (砍价price) from the trench by the third day, has risen to 240, a price (that the waiter entered the Jiuzhai the season, are determined not to make a counter-offer). Jiuzhaigou in the county to find a Sixi Hotel, after砍价90 to get a triple room. have more than

bath water, limited supply. (20:00 —- 22: 00)

recommendations: take a bath, then wash or as early as the best! Washing of late, and only cold water to serve Latin America! ! !

2, trench stay:

not Jiuzhaigou Tourism Authority of visitors stay in the trench. To stay in the trench, then you lived in the stockade.

lotus leaf,树正, then check the three Zhaizi depression are stay! personally think that in

Walled树正better, a beautiful scenery here, there are waterfalls and树正sea树正group to watch. 2 Walled树正location, into the groove are the groove easily. Walled lotus leaf

: from Mizoguchi too inconvenient. Pakistan did not stop the general environmental protection. the search

Walled depression: from Noritsu Lang (the bifurcation of a Y-shaped mouth Department) too, of sorts! Zhaizi not how it seems like the building. Walled

树正have quite a few hotels: What’s the one to forward to? Quite the name in the online, three-story, two three-occupied. Good environment, health or. Also has an independent bathroom. (No bath water) stay 30 yuan / person, eating 10 meals. Somehow, we do not have to live. That may be due to the attitude of the Tibetan stiff Uncle!

that we found hanging from a small village what Yang (a Tibetan girl). Is also a three-story, two, three are occupied. Environment in general, health in general, there are bathrooms on the second floor. 20 yuan / person. Yang were good, very good, a shy girl.

free in her home of highland barley wine brewed drink, butter tea, and washing machines.

III: Communication

1, the county seat in Unicom, the mobile has signal.

2, when we go, Jiuzhaigou internal roads, the dusty ah! Super accurate! ! dug

paragraph because the cable construction. Plane can not use mobile in Mizoguchi - Walled paragraph树正signal. Unicom signal in Mizoguchi Department.

3, no machine can be used IC.

four tickets:

1, tickets +90 yuan 145 yuan (green bus), a total of 235 yuan.

students, teachers, overseas Chinese and international friends who are passport holders benefits 30. 70 years of age or over the age of 80 Shouxing free. Personal recommendations

donkey who do not buy a 90 or environmentally-friendly bus fee to walk or collecting folk songs, photography under the pretext of saving money but also appreciate the number of two-path along the cliff scenery, quiet tranquil快哉do not have?

of course you can also purchase in case there is no free ride CMB. Note that not one into the ditch on the take, that’s not to添乱own it? First entered the general search channel strict comparison, it is necessary to produce the tickets. Unless you do not face the new red, to a large jump big tours before and rub! ! !

recommendations: take the path along the cliff into the ditch by the Bonsai Beach, sea reed, sea spark, good accommodation Dayton Hai’an Wolong after the green bus by树正Walled! (If any staff or check the driver, you can play your personal charm and talent index, prevaricating nonsense: and friends separated by travel agents or friends, or guides votes with it!) Can generally be easy on the train ! The staff will think you bought a green bus ticket!

PS: Tickets also escape, find a local person to take you into it! (嘿嘿, is to pay, and tens of dollars on the way) is to be 4,5 o’clock in the morning by staff in the dark will be the Duke of Zhou, when dreams into the groove!


1, if you decide to stay in the ditch, then recommended to bring sleeping bags and headlights. (Headlights use much!)

2, in order to Jiuzhai pure, please do not litter!

3, with more and more to eat, do not think of a good eating in the ditch! In the ditch and in only a few Zhaizi Lang Connaught restaurant on the restaurant, you do not that taste really leaves much to be desired! (

night as a result of the activities of the local poor, so to go out to participate in recreational activities should pay particular attention to avoid extortion. Can watch Tibetan and Qiang folk song and dance show, a very exciting event is the most Jiuzhaigou style good show, the fare ranging from 100-160 million, according to Art Troupe to set the grade.

Bank: If you need money in the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot inside, you can go to Jiuzhaigou Mizoguchi Visitor Center next to the Agricultural Bank of China branch of Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou County Branch , at the entrance there are automated teller machines ATM. Mizoguchi or Yinxin Jiuzhaigou Hotel Jiuzhaigou of China Construction Bank branch deposit Jiuzhaigou County branch teller, ATM at the entrance there are automated teller machines.

Tel: Mizoguchi are IC telephones door, can make long distance calls, the main scenic spots trench can use the mobile phone.

In addition, Siguniang Mountain region, there is news that tickets will be after April 1 rose to 30-50 million / per channel ranging from horse rental also will also increase, and the Wolong Nature Reserve and the road through巴朗山Project I will be charged 10-15 yuan / person tolls, if true, it can only be described as the unfortunate latecomers.

most best time to travel: Summer


is a high altitude sub-humid climate, snow peak. hottest temperatures in July average 17 ° C, the coldest average temperature in January of 3 ° C. trench sooner or later the temperature low, so even if the summer should also bring a set of thick clothing. and more summer rainfall, it is necessary to remember带伞

10 months of the season, most do not!
friend recommended you a few self-drive tourism! or team to participate in free! Of course, you can design a line, and then ask the travel agent to help set cars, rooms, tickets!
because control of these resources in the hands of travel agents, travel agents you can be scheduled for these services much cheaper! and also secure credibility! problems at any time with the Tourism Authority of complaints!
specific lines recommend that you participate in Huanglong Jiuzhaigou Leshan Emei on the 7th Tour!
happy I hope you have fun!

References: www . tripsc.com

9 \ October is the best season, the spring can also be2006-06-08

P.S 路线方面包括交通工具


九寨导游图 九寨交通图 住宿指南 特别提示 九寨交通 线路设计


  不论您是哪儿的背包一族,只要您能到成都(这个要求不过分吧)。你可以到成都新南门汽车站(市内好多公交车都能到的)有开往九寨沟的长途旅游车,其实该人家赚的钱也得人家赚,这些开长途车的师傅也挺不容易的。沿途经过都江堰水利工程(2000.世界文化遗产)、 青城山(2000.世界文化遗产)、卧龙熊猫自然保护区、叠溪海子、松潘古城、青藏高原的边缘-泯江源头(高原风光)、红军长征纪念碑碑园等景区或是景点,当进入一些少数民族聚集地的时候,相信大家也会跟我一样有一些新鲜,有一点不知所措,还有一点兴奋。千万要记住的是啊得尊重人家的风俗和人情。{zh1}给大家推出几条线路:

下午游日则沟(镜海–珍珠滩瀑布–珍珠滩–金铃海–孔雀河道–五花海–高瀑布–熊猫海–箭竹 海)傍晚返回沟口食宿
















































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