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Potential developers in Beijing, Shanxi coal bosses lavish all ...

作者:企业资讯策划团队 来源:rwfb 发布时间:2010-07-03 浏览:205

10 8, Yang Donghui, and his room and the project team will be arrested people had to start the fall edition of Prior to May this year when the real estate ads plastered room team has ten cities in Shanxi have been strolling around the.

from the end of last year, the project go to Beijing in Shanxi Province to promote the activities of no fewer than five or six times before and after. The past, a longer period of time, Beijing center of circulation, while the Beijing real estate in the field can be extended to break soil is mainly due to mega-cities has long been favored by the parties and the formation of the advantages of over-concentration.

a persons opportunities

Mr. Yang Donghui Beijing is not any real estate development enterprises, but the tour of the

as opposed to a single developer to sell their properties for sale in Shanxi or organizations who purchase Shanxi to Beijing in showings, Yang Donghui think their plan more attractive and more effective. He was very proud of their own the

he said. In fact, this accident is that he has engaged in an early awareness of the Shanxi coal mining business friends, in Beijing there are four real estate purchase. More than his friend, he knows a number of substantial assets from Shanxi have been or intends to purchase in Beijing.

is also in a seemingly accidental circumstances have been found. In December last year, Yang Donghui and his family would like to rent a car out to play, but the rental car too expensive for cost-effective to consider with a villa project in 20 cities along the east coast走了一遭, sold 6 sets.

At that time, Yang Donghui is engaged in the operation of a free magazine, has not yet set up their own public relations firm. Villa projects and ideas from him to other public relations firms on behalf of the operation of profit sharing. In fact, he said a long time ago would like to register his own company, but there are funding issues. Back from the Shanxi Province in May after the birth of the Milky Way jinghua company public relations plan.

before tasted the sweetness, Yang Donghui spent the autumn on the planning. The last band, including SOHO still have five projects, including the past, the intention to expand to 10. Said Yang Donghui.

Tianhe jinghua is intended that this plan continue to do regularly, twice a year. Yang Donghui University after graduating from most of the time are engaged in media work, from the reporters and editors to issue a number of positions are covered, but it is planning several times so that he felt the end of last year is still running free magazine now停止.

a persons opportunities came from him in the general environment. Shanxi Province and Beijing, the purchasing power of the supply of power between the need for a channel to link up, especially in the New Deal after the Beijing property market downturn of local digestion conditions. Yang Donghui is to seize this opportunity to share points scored. Looks accidental hidden behind the inevitable.


This naturally popular with developers welcome.

Pan Shiyi have been through the spring trip to Shanxi Province in particular held a customer appreciation, because he found in his clients from other provinces, Shanxi customers top the list. Last month, the Shenzhen HS involved in the new Shanxi Merchants who went to Shenzhen in showings of the activities, hoping to promote Shenzhens real estate sales, so that every participating developer satisfied.

Shanxi in the emergence of a large extent, benefited from the 2002 energy prices. A lot of coal in 2002, before the boss is around求人buy coal, followed by others to come forward to cash waiting in line to buy coal. From the coal industry chain in every aspect of the people began to benefit from the purchase of luxury cars and real estate, spending billions of dollars in entertainment. In some small county in Shanxi, just a small restaurant may be parked next to BMW and Ben.

with cars and high-end consumer sites springing up that are incompatible, education, health care, environmental and other conditions did not increase with the rich and improved. The local civilian population is still living with the past, a difference of no more than a day, since you can still buy the street in Taiyuan 5 dime a big glass bottles of soft drinks, it was born in the seventies of the last century people familiar with the taste.

rich people

in Yang Donghui for the memory of the last sales , there are part of Shanxi Province is home to consider their children Although very rich in Shanxi, but few people want their children to remain in his home life, but choose to send their children to the living environment and better prospects for development capital.

the status of the great Dr. said that in the regional competition, if one place than another place more dominant resources and services, this place is bound to attract the inflow of personnel and wealth, which is s wealth growth is not sustainable.

consistent policies and resources by the tilt of the capital to purchase real estate, can be seen as the outcome of the enjoyment of urbanization access, assets can also be a way to transfer and curing. But the wealth from the less developed areas to the developed areas is exacerbated by the gap between regions. The status of the great Dr. said this is the role of market inevitable outcome, but how to adjust the gap between them,

jinghua cooperation with the Milky Way is responsible for planning the fall of Beijing Merchants TransVideo masterpiece of planning, director of advertising company余峻said they have confidence in the market of Shanxi Province. Investment adviser and a tiger-Jie Zhang, chief analyst at think, Shanxi market is a to divide up the total have been wiped out one day. (姜丽丽/ text)





先生杨东辉北京没有xx房地产开发企业,但参观了“牵头人” ,北京天河京华的公共关系计划的总经理。 “北京,山西房地产公司”的规划,把它流行的关键是北京“是妇女的公寓改为”项目组织起来,并送到山西“找到她。 ”

,而不是一个单一的开发,以出售物业出售或组织山西谁购买山西到北京的放映,羊东辉认为他们的计划更有吸引力和更有效。他很自豪自己的“汽车模式” , 10个包装的房地产广告的车辆,他微笑着所谓的“军队的一个。 ” “过去去当球队进入房间山西,被十多个xx停下来,我们认为有什么,但要求,看看您是否能很新鲜。 ”

“我是通过一个偶然发现的,来自山西,北京的购买力较强,因此,规划的活动。 ”杨东洄的春季版的“山西行, ”他说。事实上,这起事故是,他多年来参与了早期的认识,山西煤炭开采企业的朋友,在北京有四个房地产购买。超过他的朋友,他知道了一些实质性的资产从山西已经或打算购买在北京举行。


当时,杨东晖从事运作的免费杂志,还没有建立自己的公共关系公司。别墅项目“沿海行” ,包括今年春季版的“山西”和想法,他对其他的公关公司的名义运作的利润分享。事实上,他说,很久以前要注册自己的公司,但有资金问题。回到从山西省后, 5月诞生的银河京华公司公共关系计划。

面前尝到了甜头,杨东晖花秋天的规划。{zh1}乐队,包括外SOHO仍然有5个项目,其中包括过去,打算扩大到10个。 “对于房子山西普遍要求是,单位,在很大的余地很大,因此,小规模的项目将被排除在我们的考虑范围内的物业销售主要集中在xx。 ”说杨东晖。

天河京华打算把这个计划继续这样做定期,每年举行两次。杨东灰大学毕业后,大部分时间从事媒体工作,从记者和编辑印发一些职位所涵盖,但它是规划好几次,使他觉得“找到了道, ”去年年底,今年仍然在运行免费杂志现已停止。





山西“暴发户”的出现,在很大程度上得益于2002年能源价格上涨。很多煤矿在2002年之前,老板左右求人买煤,其次是其他人挺身而出,现金排队等着买煤。从煤炭产业链的每一个方面的人民开始受益于购买豪华汽车和房地产,花费数十亿美元的娱乐。在一些小县,山西,只是一家小餐馆可以停旁边的宝马和Ben 。


丰富人民的“金钱”的一部分,其贡献的地方,另一部分的xx品和房地产的形式,通过流动的几个特大城市。财富从欠发达地区向发达地区似乎是一个矛盾,但中国社会科学院财贸学院和经济地位的伟大博士认为这是正常的。 “在xxxx率,北京,山西比更具有竞争力。财富投资在低回报率的高流量的地方,这是市场规律。 ”



一致的政策和资源倾斜的首都购置不动产,可以被视为成果的享受城市化的机会,资产也可转让的方式和固化。但是财富从欠发达地区向发达地区,加剧了地区之间的差距。地位的伟大博士说,这是市场作用的必然结果,但如何调整它们之间的差距, “这是政府考虑的问题。 ”

京华与银河负责规划秋天北京招商传杰作规划,广告公司总监余峻表示,他们有信心在市场上的山西省。投资顾问和老虎杰首席分析师认为,山西市场是一个“渐弱”的市场, “蛋糕”瓜分总额已消灭了{yt}。 (姜丽丽/文)

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