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New River Community Pu Chung-ming begin the first phase of ...

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once the “master Dongshan” gathered, the Canton style landmark, one of New River Community Pu Chung forthcoming comprehensive improvement. Reporter was informed yesterday, the new River Pu Chung communities tomorrow the first phase of comprehensive improvement of the official start will be in accordance with the “whole old old”, such as philosophy, investing nearly 5,000 million yuan to 93,600 square meters, 246 vertical housing finishing, sidewalks , green remediation, etc., and further improve the regional public facilities, the first phase completed in April next year, when the new river Pu Chung combining Chinese and Western communities will become suitable for living, a modern Chinese architectural style into a piece of traditional houses of protected areas has become Lingnan Architecture cultural and traditional customs of the window display.

Government has put the public money without

as a result of the use of natural factors and man-made factors, Pu Chung New River Community Housing currently has the appearance of many old and and rehabilitation of the Chinese Communists, “three” incompatible site, roads, green and other public facilities and social development also can not keep up, so under the municipal government to deploy, Yuexiu District Government has decided to pump in two phases of the new river communities comprehensive treatment.

the scope of the rectification effect for the East right-pui, Pui Ching Road and up the road, south road of teamwork Second, the new Pu River Road, the United States and North China Road, west恤孤Hospital Road,江岭under the Street , Dongshan Street, North arrived in East St. light, Wayao Old Street, Yandun Road, Pui Ching Yokomichi and a new river Pu IV Rd, covers an area of 146,000 square meters. Which a remediation project covers an area of 93,600 square meters, housing 246, a total investment of 49,203,200 yuan project, the second phase covers an area of 52,900 square meters, housing 128. And the regulation adopted a government-funded, the owner with the way the facades of buildings will not be finishing the owners money, do not need a whole during the remediation removal, as far as possible without affecting the daily lives of the residents.

According to deputy head卞勇Yuexiu District, the improvement of the overall program design is based on the restoration of historic features of the region mainly due the introduction of cultural elements and improve the public facilities, and emphasized the main road along the section of the overall effectiveness and inside the building, fence, greening, street lamps, such as the overall co-ordination. Remediation works mainly comprise the “three lines” Shimoji, green, square building, removal, and standardize network security and housing, etc. facade finishing.

According to introduction, in accordance with the plan, new river training works Pu Chung communities, the “three lines” Shimoji, road (driveway) project and the “network down”, “removal” work scheme will be completed by the end of January next year, and housing decoration, green (including the demolition and the Green Square) and the sidewalk renovation project plan will be completed by the end of April 2008.

“the entire old old” to maintain the original style and features

“the entire old old”, the protection of the old residential areas is a cross-cutting The training project is an important principle. Finishing the facades of buildings is one of the largest projects, as early in the new Pu River training works for some of the facades of historical buildings to deal with the wall so that it lost its original historic look, “In the past, gone a number of detours, and now must learn a lesson, “卞勇said that the new river Pu save a lot of cultural relics and historical buildings, for these buildings must be maintained as far as possible the original style and texture,” we do not have new paint, new brick films, finishes off the loose, and as far as possible to find old bricks, cement flower print process, partial renovation, “卞勇said that housing construction in finishing the key is to extend its” vitality “, not renovation. According to introduction, the focus of this year, the Housing Regulation 121, to be finishing facade area of nearly 80,000 square meters, total planned investment of about 21 million yuan.

In addition to cultural relics and historic buildings to retain their original character as far as possible, the other after the liberation of the construction of housing construction has also been incorporated into the style of match areas, remediation transformation to architectural forms and color blocks to maintain a coordinated, even the sidewalks of Red brick, roadside antique street lamps to keep characteristics.

Pu Chung New River Community remediation programs

monomer building design: The protection of historical and cultural construction in strict accordance with the “new Pu River to protect historical and cultural protected areas planning” provisions conditions for planning and design of the monomer, monomer to carry out programs designed to minimize the retention of its original architectural style and texture, such as repair of old old.

wall design: on the historical and cultural construction of the wall of the restoration of its original historic look; for ordinary building wall, trying to color and architectural elements on the facade to do with the surrounding historical and cultural protection of buildings and sections of the environment coordination.

building facade finishing method: In accordance with the status of the building facades to classify processing, through cleansing, polishing, protection, restoration means to restore the wall and the outer facade components such as Gone with the Wind in order to protect , maintenance of existing buildings.

roads, the “three lines” basic approach: The main sections of the “three lines” to achieve Shimoji processing, secondary sections do la hang neatly slip road into asphalt concrete pavement, and some sections re-demarcate parking zone, parking norms to protect the road smooth, and creation of the People’s Bank过街通道.

green renovation project: to be part of building wall into a garden-style landscape wall in order to maximize the growth of the regional green space; Add two green leisure Square, an area of about 1565 square meters.

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