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The sale of a large chain of shopping malls to buy bedding Beware ...

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bedding is indispensable to peoples lives day-to-day supplies, have a high-quality bedding, for the bedroom add romantic atmosphere, is the common pursuit of every family. Spring Festival approaching, many consumers intend to buy a happy and comfortable bedding, for the New Year to add a good mood.

but City Council has recently received many consumer complaints, said that consumers in a large chain store to buy the mark of 100 percent cotton pillows, use after feeling unwell, suspected pillows Constituents have problems after the detection of statutory testing organizations confirmed to be 100 percent polyester; reflect consumers buy new bedding was sent samples of a very bad mood, to that end, City Council yesterday issued a typical case of combination of consumer tips.

case 1

nearly 3000 yuan of goose down was emerging drilling Cashmere

last year in Miss Lu Mixc a counter bedding purchased a value of 2965 yuan The goose was, after use has been drilled down phenomenon, and more and more. Representations with the counters, counter claims that this phenomenon is not a quality issue, not returns. Miss Lu asked the counter to show production down by the implementation of quality standards, has been rejected, the counter will be on their own blankets to the factory inspection, three months later, the test results come out: not a quality problem. Miss Lu dissatisfied with this approach that detect when the implementation of quality standards to which the consumers knowledge, test results can not be used as products are qualified legal basis, and goose down by drilling down the seriousness of the normal use can no longer asked to be allowed to return or replacement of Is that reasonable?

lawyers Comments

Guangdong Law Firm Yan Chen commented that the new lawyers:

Miss Lu with the counters of goose down was the existence of the quality of the event of a dispute, Miss Lu Trade and Industry Bureau to reflect the situation in other departments, at the same time based on the implementation of the Guangdong Provincialapproach

Chen counsel, the special counter to their own blankets to the manufacturers will be testing, test results can not be used as its products are qualified legal basis, it is proposed to be down by Miss Lu submitted to the relevant departments detection, identification, based on the results of a clear identification of the responsibilities.

Case 2

buy new bedding was sent samples

last October 8, Miss quarter of a home in the city bought a shop Zhang 1,500 yuan of beds, mattresses and 1380 yuan for 298 yuan a set of bedding, price 2900 yuan, Miss quarter confessed at the time of purchase of new businesses to send goods, not to second-hand samples. However, on the 9th delivery business, the quarter of Miss samples found bedding is old, but there are many stains. After washing or stains. After a week later and replace businessmen agreed to another set of bedding, but found open than the original quality is even worse, and even dirtier, Miss quarter again ask for replacement or refund of 298 yuan shall bedding refused.

lawyers Comments

Guangdong law firm Chen Yan Sixin counsel argues that:

this case, Miss quarter of a home shop formed a contract for the sale of legal relations, Miss quarter at the time of purchase expressly agreed to send new cargo business, do not sample old, but the shop twice sent home bedding is old samples, businesses in violation of contract, according to ChinaChen counsel believes that the right to ask Miss quarter of the home stores to replace or refund the new bedding bedding section 298 yuan.

identification bedding: Wen Yi-Wen might feel

City Council prompted consumers to buy bedding should be in the following main aspects of attention:

1, product ingredients are signs the authenticity of product attributes, but also when consumers buy goods, the main choice of the content of mandatory national standards defined product ingredients must be marked content, but the actual composition and Marking ingredients must be in line; at the same time in the product identification, the standard model, the use of raw materials, components and content, washing methods of marking the durability of labels must be used.

2, different grades bedding, price differences, and work and the quality of the gap is also large, consumers should be kept in large shopping malls, supermarkets to buy the regular products manufacturers. Better quality products Oil formation uniform, fine texture, printing clear, rich luster, sewing evenly formation. Oil products, such as uneven and sparse texture, pattern disorders, sewing rough, it difficult to guarantee the quality, size of the rate of change of washing, color fastness may also be exceeded.

3, as a result of a lot of bedding is a personal use, so the handle and there are close links between the grades to be an example of wool, wool polyester mixed filler, but also ordinary pure wool stuffing, and some brand-name industrialists to make use of pure wool, pure wool Raschel than high-grade wool, such as filler, so the price in three or four hundred yuan to a thousand dollars. It is very difficult due to the time of purchase have a chance to look at open quilt filler, which in addition to look at when purchasing logo outside of the hand we must pay attention to quilts, fluffy arrested more flexibility is good wool polyester mixed filler, which some people quilt cover will heat up flu; feel hard is low-grade wool stuffing, this quilt of less帖服; and thick soft touch is the high-grade wool stuffing, this quilt cover is very comfortable. This shows that it is easy to judge from the feel of wool was the value for money.

4, to buy when you can smell a smell will be prudent to buy. (Xinhua correspondent饶洁Jing Huang Wei Xiong East)

Chinese version:某大型连锁商场出售假货 购买床上用品谨防陷阱
























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