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France reportedly trying to break the Russian gas embargo in ...

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French “Tribune” recently published Makeluoma Qi’s article, entitled “Europe trying to break the Russian gas embargo”, summarized as follows:

natural gas is Russia’s geo-political weapon? Russian gas supply disruptions for several hours, Ukraine in early January on the supply of the final price and the Moscow agreement. But the Kremlin has achieved one of its aims: The crisis in the March 26 elections before the re-make of President Viktor Yushchenko opponents alive. The only negative effect is Europe’s awareness of their dependence, because it’s natural gas imports from Russia, 90% of transit Ukraine.

EU Commissioner responsible for energy Andris Pierre baggs January 3 admitted: “Such a situation to prove how vulnerable we are.” 25 State therefore requested the Commission at its next session in March European Council meeting to make a report on this matter. And that energy security will be held in St. Petersburg this summer, the Group of Eight summit of the central theme of the meeting host is Vladimir Putin.

goal is clear. Suez CEO Gerard Mestrallet, said: “If you do not want to be subject to a small number of gas-producing countries, Europe must make its own source of diversification of energy supply.” There is no doubt. Secretary-General of the International Gas Information Center Mary - Francois Si Shabu Hurley said that if and Ukraine, the dispute “occurred in the energy consumption of the off-season summer, no one will be noted.”

President of the International Energy Agency pointed out that one of the Nuo Aifan Huelster nuances: “All happened in the past of Belarus, the situation a little nervous, but not so serious. The problem is that Ukraine crisis a reliable supply of natural gas in Russia reputation. aware of the importance of the issue, put the major markets in Europe as Russia’s Gazprom January 2 customers rush to appease the West and re-open the natural gas pipeline valves.

In contrast, the experts look at the relative dependence on Russia in Europe. Mary - Francois Si Shabu Hurley said: “2004 European consumed 525 billion cubic meters of natural gas, including natural gas imports from Russia 134 billion cubic meters, accounting for 25%. From the French point of view, by virtue of the natural gas pipeline from Norway and the adoption of ships from Nigeria, Qatar and Egypt transported liquefied natural gas, diversification of energy supply has been ensured. “

But” between eastern and western Europe, there is a big contrast. “In Western Europe, demand for Russian gas accounted for 25% and 21% in France, the United Kingdom is an exception (0%), while the largest is the Greece (79%). a number of countries in Eastern Europe’s dependence on Russia is much more serious. from Poland 42% to 75% of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, 97%, the Baltic countries and even reached 100%.

Europe there is a negative factor in : Natural gas consumption has been rising. International Gas Information Center believes that Europe’s natural gas consumption rose by 3% per year by 2015 to reach 700 billion cubic meters. The International Energy Agency predicts that natural gas consumption in Europe by 2030 will account for 32% of total energy consumption (Today 23%). But Europe’s natural gas production is declining, accounting for only 4% of the world’s reserves. Nuoai Fan Huelster asserted: “Our external dependence from 50% in 2002 to 2030 80%. “

Clamp down on by others in order to change this situation, is not in favor of the establishment of strategic petroleum reserves, 25 States to support a positive energy economic policies, greater reliance on nuclear power (the subject is being hotly debated in Germany), and liquefied natural gas . Mary - Francois Si Shabu Hurley said: “European countries have already established a base of natural gas in storage to compete. “

From Algeria to Spain and Italy, as well as from the Caspian Sea to Turkey gas pipeline between the plans have been proposed. In addition, there connecting West Siberia and Germany, the Baltic Sea 1,200 km long submarine pipeline ambitious plans. Because, as the international Natural Gas Information Center, the Secretary-General said, “Russia has the world’s 27% of the reserves, it is now and will be natural gas, the role of the transaction can not be avoided. “




欧盟委员会负责能源委员Andris皮埃尔巴格斯1月3日承认:“这样的情况,以证明我们是多么脆弱。” 25因此,国家要求在其3月欧洲理事会会议上,委员会下届会议作关于这个问题的报告。而能源安全将在圣彼得堡举行的今年夏天的八国会议的东道主国首脑会议的中心主题是普京。



相比之下,专家在对俄罗斯在欧洲的相对依赖程度。玛丽-弗朗索瓦姒沙布赫尔利看说:“2004年欧洲消费五千二百五十万点零零零万立方米天然气,包括从俄罗斯进口的天然气一三四〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇立方米,占25%。从法国的角度来看,由来自挪威的天然气管道美德并通过了来自尼日利亚,卡塔尔和埃及船只运输液化天然气,能源供应多样化已经得到保证。 “

但”与东欧和西欧,还有一个很大的反差。 “在西欧,俄罗斯的天然气需求的25%和21%,占在法国,英国是个例外(0%),而{zd0}的是希腊(79%)。一个东欧国家的依赖数量俄罗斯更为严重。来自波兰的42%至75捷克共和国和斯洛伐克,97%,波罗的海国家%,甚至达到100%。

欧洲有一个消极因素:天然气消费量一直在增加。国际天然气信息中心认为,欧洲的天然气消费量上升到2015年每年3%至可达700亿立方米。据国际能源机构预测,到2030年,在欧洲天然气消费量将占到32%,能源消费总量(今日23%)。但欧洲的天然气产量下降,只有4世界石油储量%以上。Nuoai范许尔斯特声称:“我们从2002年50%的对外依存度到2030年的80%。 “

钳制他人为了改变这种状况,是在战略石油储备的建立,25个国家主张,不支持积极的能源的经济政策,加大对核电的依赖(这个问题正在激烈辩论德国),液化天然气。玛丽-弗朗索瓦姒沙布Hurley说:“欧洲国家已经建立了一个天然气储存基地的竞争力。 “

从阿尔及利亚到西班牙和意大利,以及从里海到土耳其之间的天然气管道的计划已经提出。此外,还有连接西西伯利亚和德国,波罗的海1200公里长的海底管道雄心勃勃的计划。因为,表示,由于国际天然气信息中心,秘书长,“俄罗斯拥有世界上27%的储量,现在是,将天然气交易的作用不能避免。 “06.1.25

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