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Honey how to eat is the most easily absorbed and effective ...

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I bought a bottle of honey, there is no point impurities in pure honey, I want to know at what time the most easily absorbed and most effective?

an empty stomach in the morning to drink honey
benefits: prevention of constipation, nourish the skin, health and longevity
Disadvantages: fasting drink honey water, easier to make the body more acidic, a long time would be too much stomach acid have gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. suggested that 1.5-2 hours after the meal, drink honey water.
Note: If you own a bad stomach who is best with a 30-degree blisters on the drink, otherwise easily lead to diarrhea, stomach Yandeng

Chinese saying goes: Meant to say is: get up early every day to drink dilute brine fasting, drink honey water every night before bed.
this reason: In the morning light drinking salt water can be diluted to sleep together very viscous blood, but also a little anti-inflammatory effect, Run gastrointestinal pass stool; at night to drink honey water will help beauty beauty, and added a variety of trace elements. Therefore, a more scientific approach is to leave at night to drink water, honey, and drink up the morning light brine.
Of course, some people bowel movements difficult, then get up early to drink honey water to help bowel movement, and still have to sub-personal physical condition and determined.

Personally, I recommend drinking is: every night before going to bed drink a glass of hot milk, add a spoonful of honey.
more potassium as milk and honey, rich in magnesium. The study shows that potassium on nerve impulse conduction, blood coagulation processes have played an important role, it can ease the mood, suppress pain, prevent infection and reduce the amount of menstrual blood loss; magnesium on the brain with central nervous system sedative, can regulate psychological, elimination of psychological tension, reducing stress. Therefore, women are useful, in addition, milk, honey, rich in B vitamins, there are soothing sleep effect.

nutritional analysis shows that honey contains about 35% glucose, 40% fructose, which can be two kinds of sugar digestion and direct without being absorbed by the body to use. Honey also contains similar concentrations of human serum with a variety of inorganic salts, but also contains a certain amount of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and iron, calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and so on. Honey contains amylase, lipase, conversion enzymes, the food contains enzymes accommodation. Enzyme is to help the body digest, absorb and a series of physical and chemical changes in metabolism in the promotion material. Delicious fragrance of honey, from the value of nutrition and health point of view, is not only nourishing, and prolonging life of the product, but also treatment of the medicine.

honey as a medicine in China for several thousand years of history of working well. Ming Dynasty physician Li Shi Zhen said:
in clinical practice, honey, can not only treat gastritis, you can also add some honey ulcer medication. If every morning with warm water will open six grams of honey, fasting clothing or 15 grams of Salvia, costas 6 grams, 6 grams Zhigancao, Jian Zhi Chong honey clothes, cure stomach ulcer and a variety of stomach disorders. Why does honey have this effect? Original Honey is a potential alkaline food, which contains manganese and other inorganic salts, there is the promotion of food digestion and assimilation, thus reducing the burden of gastrointestinal and relieve symptoms.
if 30 grams with honey, fried Zaoren the end of 15 grams, 2 times, blunt, there is a good ning Anshen role, can cure palpitation, insomnia, forgetfulness, more than a dream. These measures include the Schisandra 9 grams, 9 grams Bozi Ren, you can also enhance memory and improve intelligence.
If high blood pressure, liver disease, heart disease, sooner or later an empty stomach to drink a cup of honey water, the above-mentioned diseases have a certain effect. If using Salvia, Shouwu each 15 grams, Qu Zhi decoction, washed 1 tablespoon honey taken orally, to better effect. With honey 30 grams, 3 grams salt, add cold water and mix thoroughly, each serving a day, morning and evening times, have a good Runchang catharsis, especially suitable for the elderly, the infirm, the sick patients with constipation after.
When respiratory disease, there Yin Feizao, chronic cough without sputum when available Coltsfoot Flower 10 grams, lily 15 grams, 15 grams of Polygonatum, Jianshui container, transferred to 2 tablespoons of honey to drink. Can also be placed in the hollow of Sydney in the amount of honey, Ge Shuidun clothes, can eliminate the dry climate caused by the throat dry, itchy feeling, and facilitate the accumulation of phlegm in the airway smooth cough. Therefore, respiratory diseases, intestinal worm  Wei Fuk Mi  daphne  R   Zhuo Yue Jia  bad  evil mutter brake
for the growing season of the children, honey is that they often bear favorite food, honey contains iron and folic acid, eat can prevent and correct anemia in children.
In addition, there is honey-run muscle the role of white skin, as honey and nutrient-rich and diverse, but also easily absorbed by the body to use, For the role of skin moisture, especially during dry winter weather, eat honey can prevent chapped skin. a lot of advanced cosmetics, is derived from the honey, indicating that it has a good protective effect of the skin. if the long-term oral administration and external application treated with help beauty, but also longevity.

get out of bed the morning when fasting immerse themselves in water to drink, but remember to use warm water. hot water, then dissolved nutrients will be inside. pm you can have a drink before going to bed.

water blunt the morning paper


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