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Stephen Chow has been called the “flat Wang Wang” Star speculation ...

作者:企业资讯策划团队 来源:rwfb 发布时间:2010-05-21 浏览:176

recent market price of almost a day, when people complain about can not afford to buy flats, the owners complain that many of speculation when, whether you think of a favorite star is this frenzied speculation of a family .

star Although days of glory, but ate rice youth, to learn the money of Health money, Lee Lee to endless rolling is not a permanent solution. The real estate market, one attractive profits, and secondly easier than opening, three years without taking up too much time, is the “Flying Trapeze,” the star, which is also a matter of course wherever available, and sometimes also can be lucky enough to become a spokesman for real estate, the real estate multiple purposes naturally became the star of choice for investment. And real estate Legion Girls Hero Carina Lau for the concept of investment is “a matter of fact I do not really understand the investment, I am the person from a young age did not the concept of digital, so I tend to invest in anything, it will only invest in things like real estate.” What seems to be more evidence of real estate professionals do not need too much investment in knowledge, seems to be a very simple matter.

But in fact, real estate is not like**Liu said so easily, for the majority of stars for both房产商may not be as precise vision, to invest successfully, or just like looking for Stephen Chow an effective and reliable staff aides to do, or like to buy around the world, like Simon Yam strong downtown real estate, will spread the risks, there are a lot of stars keen to various cities in the Mainland, the purchase of luxury flats, both for their own development in the Mainland to create a & ldquo ; cozy nest “, but also the way disc release, waiting for the appreciation. Listed the following speculation that star tips for your spectators and have a laugh.

Gong Li

Gong Li Dong name more real estate, recently at 500 million yuan, in Beijing, bought an approximately 280-square-meter villas, ready to 40,000 yuan per month rental. Although her huge assets, to buy things but prudent, to be photographed last Tuesday took to the streets to buy the cheapest TV election, only about 1700 yuan non-brand-name goods, the shopkeeper dumbfounded.

Charlene Choi

is a circle of small and medium-sized**Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), 2002 years 12 months to about 700 million to buy the Kowloon Station Yang Habitat Day, a few years later that earned nearly sold tens of millions. And Joey Yung, as a “sale addiction” Ah Sa, threatened never missed entirely to have a formidable mother for help.

Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow addition to the “King of Comedy” in the title, there is a “Shop King” title, from 1990 to buy into the first set of real estate, to buy land to start in 2004, has never been in stocks and love to buy property investment in 1990星爷speculation started to become owners, and now He was carrying an estimated value of 1.5 billion yuan of 3 large investment projects, which claims to star in The “floor Wang Wang”!

Jackie Chan

acting一级棒brother Jackie Chan, investment property is also vision, he and his speculative effort to open up the international film markets, Hollywood has sold high-priced super Beverly Hills mansion, a net profit of more than 3000 million Hong Kong dollars, coupled with his sale of property in Hong Kong, one year only speculation on revenue of more than 7000 million. Later, in Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong bought a piece of land on the billion, as part of the company expansion.

Simon Yam

has nearly 20 years experience in real estate investment Simon Yam, real estate all over the world. His investment trick is: buy a house only buy Forever urban centers. Simon Yam in the world to purchase real estate in many of the 20, almost all of the core city’s central area: 58 Street, Manhattan, New York, Paris, the Second District, Central, Hong Kong, Beijing, such as the New World shopping district.

Carina Lau

Carina Lau can养尊处优few films in recent years, with speculation she has a lot of investment, in addition to Hong Kong, she in Beijing, Shanghai , Suzhou, Chongqing and other places have the property last year in Beijing in April to buy a set of buildings near billion yuan. Year on the house earned 25 million Hong Kong dollar, including Xuzhou “Jialing Court”, The Peak, Hong Kong housing, Beijing “Park Home” and Shanghai, “Eastern Cambridge,” and so on.

Na Ying

when the mother’s Na Ying secluded, known as the mainland’s entertainment business is manipulated star of “housing leaders,” earn more money before more many more have bought the house more, ten years down the home more than seven. The most recent occasion, she hao throwing more than 3000 million, the acquisition of the adjacent East Fourth Ring of the present Beijing’s top luxury villas, than Faye Wong’s clear Crest Villa area and the price should be higher than 1 times.

Zhao Wei

With the rapid development of the cause, Zhao Wei in Shanghai, Beijing and other places are bought a number of real estate. Beijing Shunyi in the “Fortune Kungkuan” “clear Crest” villa, “Landmark” buildings and other places to buy a villa in many apartments, the end of last year, she broke again in Shanghai, the value of purchased 20,000,000 villa yuan.

Michelle Reis

Michelle Reis: Michelle Reis驻颜have surgery in addition to, the better way to understand the investment. The sale of Happy Valley real estate, such as Otto Habitat let her into the bag easily more than 8500 million. Currently sits on the market value of 50,000,000 Jardine’s Lookout, independent villas and Discovery Park in Tsuen Wan Jiaxing, speculation do not know if it is to the success of her sex scandal晋亨advice Xu experience only to create the myth of the property market.

Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung and his family celebrate the birth of his son at the same time, there are news means, Cecilia Cheung Tai Po in Hong Kong two years ago to 21 million Hong Lok Yuen Hong Kong dollar bought houses, a few days ago to 26 million Hong Kong dollar has been sold. Lawsuit reconciliation, Suntory sold like Cecilia Cheung to the birth of his son sent a double gift.

Joey Yung

Joey Yung In addition to love singing, but also love to buy property investment. After becoming famous, Joey will be Village Terrace in Happy Valley Fang Feng Shui ancestral home plate, Joey in 2005 and then ho throwing more than 4000 million to buy luxury Hang doors of two units, it is now a lot of appreciation. Said Joey favorite to buy the collection of rents, it is necessary to replace the Yuanqiu the “charter woman” status.



明星虽然天的荣耀,但吃大米青年,以了解这笔钱的健康钱,李李向无头轧制不是一个{yj}性的解决办法。房地产市场,一个有吸引力的利润,其次容易开放,三年来,而不占用太多的时间,是“空中飞人”的明星,这也是理所当然的事在任何地方提供,有时也可以是很幸运足以成为一个发言人房地产,房地产自然成为多种用途的明星投资的{sx}。和房地产军团女孩英雄刘嘉玲的概念投资是“其实我并不真正了解投资,我的人,让他们从小就没有数字的概念,所以我倾向于投资于任何东西,它只能投资于房地产等。 “似乎有什么更多的证据,房地产专业人士并不需要太多的投资知识,似乎是一个非常简单的事。

但事实上,房地产不像**刘建超说,这么容易,对大多数星级为房产商可能不准确的眼光,投资成功,或者仅仅是想寻找一种有效的周星驰和可靠的工作人员助手的事,或想购买世界各地,如任达华强有力的城市房地产,将风险分散,有很多明星热衷于各个城市,在内地购买豪宅,无论其自身的发展,在内地建立& ldquo ;安乐窝“ ,而且光盘的方式释放,等待赞赏。列出以下猜测,星提示您的观众,有笑。




是一个循环对小型和中型**蔡卓妍(啊萨) ,二○○二年12个月,约700万美元,收购九龙站杨人居日,几年后,获得近销售了数千万张。和容祖儿,作为一个“买卖上瘾”啊萨,威胁从来没有错过完全有一个强大的母亲提供帮助。


周星驰除了“喜剧{zw}”在标题中,有一个“铺王”称号,从1990年购买的{dy}批房地产,购买土地于2004年开始,至今从未在股票和爱买房地产投资在1990年星爷猜测开始成为业主,现在他携带价值估计为1.5亿元人民币的3大投资项目,号称明星中的“请汪娲嗯” !




拥有近20年经验,房地产投资任达华,房地产整个世界。他的投资诀窍是:买房永远只买城市中心。任达华在世界各地购买不动产在许多的20个,几乎所有的核心城市的中心区: 58街,曼哈顿,纽约,巴黎,第二区,中央,香港,北京,如***购物区。


刘嘉玲可以养尊处优几个电影近年来,随着猜测她有很多的投资,除了香港,她在北京,上海,苏州,重庆和其他地方的财产去年4月在北京购买一套建筑附近亿元。年众议院获得二千五百点〇 〇万港元,包括徐州“嘉陵法院” ,香港山顶屋,北京“公园家”和上海“东方剑桥” ,等等。


当母亲的那英深居简,被称为内地娱乐圈的明星操纵“住房{lx}” ,挣更多的钱更有许多前购买的房子多,十年下跌家超过7 。最近的一次,她豪掷3000多万美元,购置了毗邻东四环的目前北京{zd0}的豪华别墅,比王菲的明确翠园面积和价格应该高于1次。


随着迅速发展的原因,照为在上海,北京和其他地方都买了一些房地产。北京顺义的“财富公馆” , “明确佳洁士”别墅, “地标”的建筑物和其他地方购买的别墅,但许多公寓,去年年底,她再次在上海爆发的价值购买别墅20,000,000元。


李嘉欣:李嘉欣驻颜有术外,对更好地理解投资。出售跑马地的房地产,如奥托人居让她入包里容易多八十五点〇 〇亿。目前是市场价值的50,000,000渣甸山,独立别墅及荃湾愉景新城嘉兴,猜测不知道这是她成功的性丑闻许晋亨咨询经验只有创造的神话房地产市场。





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